Stacy’s passion for healthcare and wellness began with nursing. She was a critical care nurse for a number of years and later joined the Holistic Nursing Association when she began noticing her patients’ accelerated improvement through the use therapeutic touch, breath work, guided visualization, and reiki. After having her second child, she left nursing. However, she continued to pursue holistic healing work. She is currently working on her Functional Medicine certification.Over the years, Stacy has partnered with leading scientists and companies on the emergence of bio-technologies and research studies in epigenetics that could measure the effects of these modalities. Most notably, she helped support and also participated in the recent, cutting-edge global research study ‘Self Directed Biological Transformation” (SBTI).With Qualia Threads, Stacy continues to push the envelope. Trained in meditation, she is driven to uncover what’s next in healthcare and strategically uses her insight to help her clients develop a strong understanding of self.


Justin Hartery is a licensed somatic psychotherapist who uses his training and experience in the field of mental health to help leaders and organizations thrive. As a natural empath with an interest in systems, he has a penchant for understanding relational dynamics and contacting each person’s strengths and unique growth edges in a way that motivates collective change. Justin has a masters in Somatic Psychology from the acclaimed California Institute of Integral Studies, a pioneer in bringing mindfulness based wisdom traditions to the west. Somatic psychology is a cutting edge, mind/body approach to psychology that applies the latest developments in neuroscience, mindfulness and clinical research towards healing and transformation.


Jerri Chou is a leader, convener and healer. She has 12+ years of experience in crafting powerful experiences for forward-thinking leaders and innovators. A founder herself, she grew The Feast into a major event series with 7 flagship conferences and 600+ dinners around the world gathering game-changers ranging from the CEO of MTV to the founder of Kickstarter. She has also architected research, prototyping, and collaborative projects among stakeholders ranging from the Rockefeller foundation, to NASA, The Whitehouse, Intel and more. Jerri is passionate about empowering leaders to create the kind of world they desire; for themselves and the world. 

Judah Pollack

Judah Pollack is an author, professional speaker and strategic advisor on the art of leadership and the science of breakthrough thinking. He is a founding partner at Riverene Leadership,  routine contributor to Fast Company, and regular guest lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He is an established instructor for the U.S. Army’s Red Team Leadership curriculum at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies.